September 4th – 9th, Canadian Championships, Canadian Open Singles, Winnipeg, MB
Mary Wright and Christie Graham will be going to the Canadian Pairs Championships
at Pointe-Claire, Quebec September 14th – 19th

September 10th, Inter-Club Men’s Triples, White Rock
3rd Place – Jim Atchison, Benito Bulich, Steve Talkington

September 9th, Inter-Club Mixed Triples, Surrey
1st Place – Dave Baldwin, Sharon Baldwin, Alex Abraham
2nd Place – Graham Reynolds, Carole Reynolds, Carole Estabrook
3rd Place Tied – Steve Whitam, Brian Edmunson, Linda Paupst

September 6, Inter-Club Mixed Fours, at Ladner
1st Place – Dave Baldwin, Sharon Baldwin, Caroline Johnson, Alex Abraham

September 3rd – Inter-Club Mixed Fours at West Point Grey
1st Place – Dave Baldwin, Sharon Baldwin, Caroline Johnson, Alex Abraham.

August 26 & 27, Inter-Club Men’s Triples, at Richmond.
1st Place – Division B – Dave Baldwin, Graham Reynolds, Larry Vezina.
3rd Place – Division D – Steve Whitham, Brian Edmunson, Alex Abraham.

Aug 22, Inter-Club Mixed Fours at Langley.
1st Place – Dave Baldwin / Sharon Baldwin/ Caroline Johnson / Alex Abraham

August 20, Inter-Club Men Triples at New Westminster
4th Place – Dave Baldwin, Graham Reynolds, Larry Vezina.

REMINDER: Locks on doors are still being found unlocked.
Always check with whoever is left bowling to make sure they lock up.
The bowler may not have used the locker or club door when they arrived so please check.
Door does not automatically lock when closed – push the lock sign.

I have not had any word on what is happening Monday and Wednesday now that leagues have finished
so why don’t we all just come out on Monday and Wednesday nights for a drop-in draw.
Tuesday night, Draw, tags in 6:15, play 6:30
Thursday afternoon, draw, tags in 1:15, play 1:30
Friday night, draw, tags in 6:15, play 6:30

WINTER BOWLING – starts in October
There will be drop-in draw bowling everyday of the week – Tags in at 12:45 Play at 1:00
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday is drop in Aggregate bowling cost $1.00

TOURNAMENTS – Please check sign up sheets for any changes

SEPTEMBER – Last chance to play in a tournament for the summer season.

Tuesday, September 12th, Club Mixed Pairs, 9:00 am, $5.00
Draw, 4×10, bring lunch, wear whites or team colour

Saturday, September 16th, Waring Cup, White Rock vs Mann Park, 1:00 pm, $5.00
Mixed Pairs Team, wear whites or club colours.
Teams play at MP

Saturday, September 23rd, Peace Arch News, 9:00 am $5.00
Triples Draw, bring lunch, Wear whites or team colours

Sunday, September 24th, Club Singles, 9:30 am, $5.00
Individual entry, ends TBA, bring lunch, wear white

BOWLS FOR SALE – please post in locker room and notify Yvette

Size 5 – Henselite Classic Deluxe Medium – black $100
Call Michael Leong 604-351-8887

BOWLS PROCEEDS GO TO WRLBC – call Pat Harrison 604-446-0028 or 604-531-5538
Used bowling bags
Size 4 Taylor bowls $100
Size 0 or 1 Henselite $30
Size 5 H. Henselite full bias $75
Size 4 Henselite $75

The Bowler’s Handbook is an invaluable resource for those looking for a quick and portable reference guide.
Please contact Mary Wright for your copy. Cost $4.00

If you plan to go to a Henselite dealer let me know as there are a few members wanting tapes.
Please let us know if you have bowls for sale as members are always interested in buying bowls.
Size 2 bowls – contact Lynn DeLaBarre 604-813-4006
Size 2 bowls – contact Ivan Scott 604-531-7028
Tape: contact Carol Grieve 604-542-2533