2019 US Open, Sun City, Arizona, November 12th

It was an exciting week of bowling in Sun City as 106 Canadians took to the greens alongside representatives from 14 different countries in the 2019 US Open.

For more information on the US Open see the Bowls Canada Boulingrin website.

Women’s Singles

Gold – Mary Wright

Women’s Fours

Bronze – Mary Wright, Lynn Coules, Linda Ng, Colleen Gillies

Bowler of the Tournament
Tie – Mary Wright & Jordon Kos

Mary Wright is now coaching in Brisbane at the 2019 Multi-Nations Invitational starting November 18th.

Weather permitting there is drop in bowling every day.
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday are Aggregate Days $1.00
Afternoon Bowling starts at 1:00 Draw at 12:45
Please bowl west to east for the winter season.

Club has a limited supply or Clubhawk Gold 9 ft. string measures
with caliper and belt clip. $35.00
Contact Dave Baldwin or Gayle Saunders

BOWLS FOR SALE – please post in locker room board and notify Yvette to place in future emails.
Let us know if you have bowls for sale as members are always interested in buying bowls.

Size 4 Bowls – Henselite Classic ll, Series C, 4 Heavy, Dimples, Black $100
Contact Patty Harrison – 604-531-5538