Monday, July 1st,  CANADA DAY

Come out to celebrate Canada Day

Draw Bowling 2:00,  Followed by a BBQ. $10.00

Bring out your reds to wear.

Sign up sheet on front wall



Saturday, June 22nd,  Aggregate Tournament,  9:00 am

4 x 10 end games,  Draw,  $5.00 ea.

Wear whites or club colours, Bring lunch



Monday, July 1st,  Canada Day,  2:00 pm

1×10 end game,  Draw,   $10 Bbq to follow game

Wear your red & white,


Tuesday, July 9th,  Maggie & Jiggs,  9:00 am

Women ask Men, 1 player must be 5 years or under

4×10 end games,  4 bowls,  Team Entry,  $5.00 ea.

Wear white or club colours,  Bring lunch


Saturday, July 13th,  Women’s Tournament of Roses,  9:00 am

4×10 end games,  Draw,  $5.00 or canned donation to food bank

Wear whites or club colours,  Lunch is provided,

Tournament sponsored by Lorne Ginther


Tuesday, July 23rd,  Twizzles,  9:00 am,

4×10 end games,  Draw,  $5.00

Wear white or club colours,  Bring lunch


Saturday, July 27th,  Aggregate,  9:00 am

4×10 end games,  Draw,  $5.00 ea.

Wear white or club colours,  Bring lunch


Notice – If you want to share a position in a tournament you can.

If there are 4 games you can each play 2 games.

There is a sign up sheet on the front wall


LEAGUES – Judie Tomcheck

The final schedules are on the front board for the Monday & Wednesday Leagues

There is a Spare sign up sheet.  Please find your own spare.

Start time is 6:30 do not start earlier, thank you.



Size 4 Bowls – Henselite Classic II, 4 heavy,  Dimples, Blue colour,  $200

Contact Benito Bulich 604-536-4442  or email:  zara355@yahoo.ca

Size 4 & 5 Older Bowls. Also used bags, donation to the club.  Contact Yvette:  ysymes@hotmail.com

BOWLS NEEDED – Smaller size bowls needed for the club.  size 00,  0,  1

If you know of any please contact Yvette