Morag is organizing a CANADA DAY SOCIAL on FRIDAY, JUNE 30TH

Put on your Canada colours and come out to celebrate Canada’s 150 years

Tags in at 2:45 pm, Bowling at 3:00 pm,  Barbecue to follow, $5.00

Signup sheet is posted on the front board. 


June 17th – Inter-Club Women’s Triples, 9:00 am
Come out and support our members

June 20th, Tuesday – Men’s Tournament of Thorns,  9:00 am,  $5.00
Draw,  men only,  3×12 ends,  bring lunch,  whites worn,  signup sheet posted

June 25th, Sunday – Visitation Mann Park at White Rock,  1:00 pm
2×10 ends,  whites worn,  signup sheet posted

July 11th, Tuesday – Senior Mixed Triples, 9:00 am, $5.00
July 18th, Tuesday – Senior Mixed Triples, second day
60 years of age or older
2×10 ends per day,  whites worn,  signup sheet posted

July 15th, Saturday – Ladies Tournament of Roses,  9:00 am,  Sponsored by Lorne Ginther
Draw,  4×10 ends,  whites worn.  lunch provided,  sign-up sheet posted

July 22nd, Saturday – Twizzle,  9:00 am,  $5.00,
Fun game, leads play leads, vices play vices, skips play skips
Draw,  3×12,  bring lunch,  whites worn,  signup sheet posted