Saturday, April 29th – Opening Day Celebration – 1:00 pm 

Our piper Kenneth Wright will be piping us around the green for our official opening day.  

We have dignitaries that will help us start our season by rolling a few bowls.

Enjoy dessert and conversation with friends. 

Whites or club colours to be worn.

ROSTERS – The rosters and Bowls BC cards are on the table near the kitchen.  Please pick up as soon as possible as we will need the table space.


Games needs volunteers to Co-chair a month, Coordinate/run a tournament.  Contact Linda Paupst


The weather has improved and there is a good turnout for afternoon bowling.

This week tags in at 2:30 next week back to tags in at 12:30

April 24th – 27th, Monday-Thursday – 1:00 & 6:00 – Coaching starts 

This week during coaching classes afternoon bowling will be at 2:30

May 2nd – 30th, Tuesday Night Novice Ladder (this is not the Tuesday that starts in June)

Please sign up to show your support of newer members.

The games each week will be by draw giving you the opportunity to try various positions of play and play with different people each week.

The sign up sheet is in the clubhouse on the tournament board. 

May 6th, Saturday – Aggregate Tournament, 10:00 am – Entry $5.00

Tags in at 9:30, 4×8 ends, draw after each game (new team after each game)
whites not required, bring lunch,

May 13th & 14th – V&D Men’s Fours, 9:00 am
Sign up Not posted, Use V&D Registration Forms or contact Linda Paupst.
3×14 ends, team entry, bring lunch, whites worn.  V&D rules apply.

For those of you not aware, the V&D and Interclub Tournaments are available to all clubs not just White Rock but some are held at our club.  V&D means Vancouver & District.
If you are interested in competing outside the club there is a V&D Book (ask Gayle or Linda) with all the tournaments.   The entry forms for these are on the side wall by the bar.  You must enter as a team.