OPEN HOUSE – Come try Lawn Bowling

We would love to see you at the Open House on Saturday, April 20th. 

Drop in any time from 10 am – 2 pm  to try the game. All equipment is supplied you just need to bring a pair of flat soled shoes (like a sandal or boat shoe)

Our coaching classes start April 23rd. 

They are set up for afternoon or evening classes and you will need 4 classes before joining. We are a year round club and yes members do bowl in the winter.

There will be a New Bowlers League set up in May on Tuesday evenings.  Also a 4 years and under league on Thursday evenings. You may drop in at any time to practice or to play in the afternoon drop in.

OPENING DAY – mark this on your calendar

Sunday, April 28th,  1:00pm

Come out for the official opening day celebration of the club.

Kenneth Wright our piper will pipe us around the green before we come in for refreshments.


Weather permitting there is drop in bowling every day.

 Daily afternoon Drop in Bowling – tags in by 12:30`

REMINDER – Membership Registration

Registration Form is attached to this website or can be found at the clubhouse.  Don’t forget your locker number.


Please post in locker room board and notify Yvette to place in future emails.

Let us know if you have bowls for sale as members are always interested in buying bowls.

Contact Yvette:  ysymes@hotmail.com

BOWLS NEEDED – Smaller size bowls needed for the club.  size 00,  0,  1

If you know of any please contact Yvette or 604-536-9298