The new 2023-2024 membership season is quickly approaching. Dues and registrations are due before April 1, 2023.

The Semi-Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 12, 2023 at 3:00pm. All members are requested to attend either in person or by proxy. If you are unable to attend in person please fill out the proxy form that you received in your Notice of Meeting package and give it to another member who will be attending in person.

One of White Rock’s oldest and most treasured sporting institutions has been given a long-awaited facelift.

White Rock Lawn Bowling Club, situated in a quiet location on the corner of Dolphin and Royal, has been promoting the game of lawn bowls in the local population for over 85 years.

Originally inaugurated back in 1934 with a natural grass playing surface, the club switched to an artificial one in 2008 with the introduction of a special synthetic carpet imported from the UK.

The main advantage of this artificial surface is that it enables the club to operate year-round; a traditional grass green is only available during the summer months.   It is also much more economic as the maintenance costs are significantly lower than for grass.

The carpet has been subject to wear and tear from constant use over the 13 years since it was installed.  Hence the much anticipated facelift.  This involves removing the old carpet to expose the underlying elastic layer. This elastic layer is an ideal base for the carpet above as it can be laid to an exacting level, is very porous and provides a comfortable soft surface on which to walk and bowl.

An interesting point about the elastic layer is that it is made of a mixture of shredded scrap rubber tires with a polyurethane binder.   The majority of BC’s scrap tires are recycled into fine granules of rubber (crumb rubber) and used to create this elastic layer.

In these green recycling times, the use of these scrap vehicle tires is encouraged by an organization, Tire Stewardship of BC, who supports projects who actively use recycled rubber.

The new elastic layer was completed by local BC firm, Ocean Marker Sports Surfaces, and was followed by the laying of a new carpet sourced from a UK supplier based in Scotland.

Now that the new carpet is installed, the club will have the benefit of a high-class surface to bowl on. This will mean better instruction and training for new bowlers who are essential for the continued success and growth of this amazing community asset.

The club has been an oasis offering peace and tranquility year round in a friendly social atmosphere – so important in the stressful times that have prevailed recently during covid.

The club has an active membership of over 150 persons providing sporting and social facilities.  The club benefits from a wide range of bowling experience from novices through to tournament bowlers competing in provincial and national events.

After a fun afternoon on the green with your fellow bowlers you can repair to the well-appointed clubhouse and enjoy a drink and a chat with your newfound friends.

So, any readers, young or not so young, are encouraged to drop in to see our new green and the facility.  There will be an opportunity to ask about the game and ask about this friendly, inexpensive sport.  Contact Mary Wright our Head Coach: marywright@shaw.ca for a visit and to roll a few bowls.