The Club is open under different conditions, but it is open and members are out bowling.
Only 4 lanes are used (distancing).
Bring your own mat (towel) and your own jack (ball-tennis, golf, ??)
Bowls are taken home so if you need your bowls contact Linda or Yvette
For those of you that have not been out this is a quick review for you.
Some Rules have changed but you’ll find out when you book a time.
You have been sent forms that have to be filled out.  Looks onerous but it’s not.
2 forms are handed in only once, the first time you play – #3 & #4   Acknowledgement of Covid-19 Rules & Liability Waiver
1 form you hand in every time you go to the club.  #7 Symptom Screening
You can also download the forms by clicking on the links in the left sidebar.