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  1. Group TV Events
    The TV is available by request on Sunday afternoons (or non bowling/other pre-organized activity times) for you to watch with friends (other members) now that Summer is giving way to Fall and Winter.
    The TV has streaming capabilities only, we do not have regular TV channels. If there is something you want to stream with your friends, please fill out a card from the “Events Suggestion Box”. We have a 75” Smart TV at the clubhouse that is ready to go for all the free streaming apps. The TSN, SportsNet and BritBox are available, just not free – the fee for this would be the cost of the app required for your particular event.
    The “Events Suggestion Box” will be located on the table below the Sponsorship Board and will be checked once a week.
    Your request will include your Name, phone number, email address and the Day/Start Time – End Time of the Event.
    All requests are subject to both the approval of the Board and the availability of a Bartender.
    Please submit your request a minimum of two weeks in advance of the Event date.
    Food will not be served other than bar snacks.
    Remember that only Members/Social Members are allowed to attend.
    Post a signup sheet on the “Social” notice board as soon as Board approval and Bartender availability has been confirmed.
    A minimum of five (5) members must sign up for the Event or it may be canceled at the discretion of the Bartender assigned to that event.
    Remote Control: Is attached by Velcro to the back of the TV. Please make sure it is always there unless you are turning off/on the TV or setting up the app of your choice.

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