Coaches Corner

Hi, my name is Mary Wright and I am the Head Coach at the White Rock Lawn Bowling Club.

Each year at the end of April, which is the start of our club bowling calendar, I am pleased to offer introductory lessons to anyone who would like to try Lawn Bowling. The lessons are usually held on four consecutive evenings, each lesson lasting approximately sixty to ninety minutes. No special equipment is required other than a pair of flat soled shoes.

Lawn Bowling is a lovely social outdoor team sport, played in a friendly environment, with many social competitions and events throughout the year. Most people are able to play bowls well even if they may not be all that physically fit and it provides exercise and mental stimulation.

If you are interested in trying the sport, just to see if you like it, please call or email me and I will gladly add your name to my list for the lessons starting this Spring. I can also give you any other information about lawn bowling at the White Rock Club.

Mary Wright at 604-535-0048 or e-mail