Tournament Photos

Tsawwassen LBC Inter-Club Men’s Triples – June 15, 2024
1st Place (L-R) – Jeff Law, Dave Baldwin, Graham Reynolds
White Rock LBC Inter-Club Women’s Triples – June 8, 2024
1st Place (L-R) – Liz Day, Patti Carlsen, Gina Guszowaty
2nd Place – Richmond LBC Skipped by Zoe Chan (centre)
3rd Place (L-R) – Trude Jadis, Colleen Gillies, Linda Palm
V&D Men’s Pairs – June 1-2, 2024
1st Place (L-R) – Ryan Pollard, Aussie Chambers
Surrey Rodeo Fours – May 25, 2024
3rd Place (L-R) Don Dancey, Patti Carlsen, Dave Baldwin, Sharon Baldwin
(L-R) Brian Edmunson, Don Dancey, Patti Carlsen, Sharon Baldwin, Vicky Evans, Marilyn Martin, Steve Whitham, Dave Baldwin
V&D Senior Men’s Singles – May 14-15, 2024
Maple Ridge Women’s Aussie Pairs – May 9, 2024
3rd Place (L-R) – Kathy Harms, Patti Carlsen
V&D Men’s Fours – May 4-5, 2024
1st Place (L-R) – Graham Reynolds, Dave Baldwin, Auzzie Chambers, Jeff Law
Club Aggregate Tournament – September 28, 2023
Aggregate Winners (L-R) Steve Dorey (3rd), Teri Dorey (5th), Dave Baldwin (2nd), Craig Carlyle (6th), Brian Edmunson (1st), Marilyn Martin (4th)
Maple Ridge Mixed Fours – September 17, 2023
1st Place (L-) Steve Whitham, Vicky Evans, Marilyn Martin, Brian Edmunson
3rd Place (L-R) Gary Harms, Kathy Harms, Patti Carlsen, Don Dancey
White Rock Mixed 2 Bowl Triples (Inter-Club) – September 16, 2023
1st Place (L-R) Patrick Sum (Richmond), Stephen Yung (White Rock/Richmond), Lisa Cheung (Richmond)
White Rock Men’s Triples (Inter-Club) – September 10, 2023
1st Place – Maple Ridge (L-R) Rick Rinder, Peter Davies, Bill Pattinson
Club Novice Singles – September 5 & 7, 2023
West Vancouver Men’s Triples – September 2, 2023
5th Place (L-R) Jeff Law, Graham Reynolds, Dave Baldwin
Ladner Mixed Fours – August 31, 2023

3rd Place (L-R) Sharon Baldwin, Dave Baldwin, Carole Reynolds, Graham Reynolds
Club Triples with Novice – August 24, 2023
1st Place (L-R) Merron Strang, George Omorean, Gina Guszowaty

Thank you to Allyson Burden for supplying the photos

Canadian Championships – August 19-26, 2023
Women’s Club Championships – August 17, 2023
Men’s Club Championships – August 17, 2023
White Rock Lawn Bowling Club – 2023 Canadian Championships Participants

Auzzie Chambers (Silver Medal) – Canadian Youth Championships – Men’s Under 25 Singles

Ryan Pollard & Stephen Yung – Canadian Championships – Men’s Singles

Jeff Law – Canadian Championships – Men’s Pairs

Sharon Baldwin & Kathy Harms – Canadian Championships – Women’s Fours

Dave Baldwin – Canadian Championships – Men’s Fours

Stanley Park Men’s Triples August 12, 2023
3rd Place (L-R) – Brian Edmunson, Dave Baldwin, Jeff Law
Club Singles Championships – Qualifying Round – August 10-11, 2023
New Westminster – Marg Bauer Mixed Fours – July 30, 2023
Third Place (L-R) – Dave Baldwin, Graham Reynolds, Sharon Baldwin, Carole Reynolds
2023 National Youth Championships – Regina, SK – July 27-30, 2023
BC Medal Winners – (Back row, second from right) – Auzzie Chambers – Men’s U25 Silver Medal
Ladner Men’s Triples – July 20, 2023
2nd Place (L-R) Graham Reynolds, Dave Baldwin, Jeff Law
Ladner Mixed Triples – July 15, 2023
1st Place (L-R) – Dave Baldwin, Sharon Baldwin, Graham Reynolds
Club 2 Bowl Triples – July 13, 2023
1st Place (L-R) Gina Guszowaty, Benito Bulich, Vicky Evans (missing Alba Boris)
Tournament of Roses – July 9, 2023
Provincial Men’s Singles – June 7-9, 2023
Tsawwassen Men’s Triples – June 27, 2023
2nd Place (L-R) – Graham Reynolds, Ryan Pollard, Auzzie Chambers
Mann Park Men’s Triples – June 25, 2023
V&D Women’s Fours – June 17-18, 2023
First – Team Siu
Second (L-R) Evie McCallum, Mary Ellis, Colleen Gillies, Kathy Kaye (White Rock)
Third- Team Lee
Fourth (L-R) Carole Reynolds, Sharon Baldwin, Kathy Harms, Patti Carlsen
Provincial Youth Championships – June 17, 2023
Provincial Men’s and Women’s Fours – June 9 – 11, 2023
Club Aggregate – June 1, 2023 Winners
2023 South Burnaby – Frank Outram Men’s Triples
First Place (L-R) – Jeff Law, Dave Baldwin, Graham Reynolds
2023 New Westminster – Hyack Mixed Triples
1st Place – “B” Division (L-R) – Patti Carlsen, Gary Harms, Kathy Harms
2023 Surrey – Rodeo Mixed Fours
2023 V&D Senior Men’s Singles
L-R – 2nd Place – Patrick (Maple Ridge) , 1st Place – Dave Baldwin (White Rock)
2023 V&D Men’s Fours
3rd Place (L-R) – Jeff Law, Dave Baldwin, Graham Reynolds, Auzzie Chambers
2023 Maple Ridge Men’s Triples
2023 Qualicum Triples
2023 Qualicum Indoor Triples
2nd Place (L-R) – Sharon Baldwin (WR), Dave Baldwin (WR), Lynn Chwartacki (Qualicum)
2022 Women’s Club Singles
(L-R) First Place – Trude Jadis, Second Place (Patti Carlsen)
2022 Men’s Club Singles
(L-R) – First Place – Jeff Law, Second Place – Steve Whitam
(L-R) – Mike Sully, Steve Whitham, Ken Cronin, Jeff Law
2022 Women’s Novice Club Singles
(L-R) Second Place – Karen Wedow, First Place – Charlotte Ciok
2022 Men’s Novice Club Singles
First Place – David Rodger
2022 Nationals – Mixed Pairs – Windsor, Ontario
Silver Medal – Stephen Yung (White Rock), Lisa Cheung
2022 V&D Nicholson Pairs – Hosted by New Westminster
1st Place – B division – Kathy and Gary Harms
2022 Maple Ridge Mixed Fours
First Place (L-R) – Gary Harms, Kathy Harms, Patti Carlsen, Don Dancey
Second Place (L-R) – Dave Baldwin, Sharon Baldwin, Carole Reynolds, Graham Reynolds
2022 Langley Mixed Triples
3rd Place – (L-R) Dave Baldwin, Sharon Baldwin, Kathy Harms
2022 Tournament of Roses
2022 Nationals – Men’s/Womens Fours and Pairs – Burlington, Ontario
2022 Nationals – Women’s Singles
Mary Wright
2022 Provincials – Senior Women’s Triples – Hosted by Port Alberni
Silver Medal – (L-R) Sharon Baldwin (White Rock), Lynn Chwartacki (Qualicum), Kethy Harms (White Rock)
2022 Club Mixed Triples with Novice
1st Place – (L-R) Karen Wedow, Gloria Lawrence, Sharon – Baldwin – skip
2nd Place – (L-R) Linda Wallace, Keala Zachariuk, Greg Cebry
3rd Place – (L-R) Andy Allerton, Sandy Schnarr, Dave Baldwin
2022 Ladner Men’s Triples
1st Place – (L-R) Jeff Law, Dave Baldwin, Steve Whitham
2022 Mann Park Mixed Triples
First Place – (L-R) Patti Carlsen, Kathy Harms, Gary Harms
2022 Provincials – Women’s Singles and Fours – Hosted by Juan de Fuca
Singles Silver Medal – Mary Wright Fours Gold Medal (L-R), Mary Wright (White Rock), Annie Mathie, Belle Chan, Colleen Gillies (White Rock)
2022 Provincials – Men’s Fours – Hosted by Juan de Fuca
Gold Medal – (L-R) Cary Manns (North Vanc. LBC), Heng Lee (New West LBC), Clement Law (North Vanc. LBC), Dave Baldwin (WR)
2022 V&D Men’s Intermediate Triples – Hosted by Coquitlam
1st place – (L-R) Mike Sully, Gary Harms, Don Dancey
2022 New Westminster Women’s Triples
1st Place – Carole Reynolds (left), Kathy Harms, Sharon Baldwin – skip
2022 White Rock Women’s Triples
1st Place -(L-R) Linda Palm, Mary Ellis, Trude Jadis
2022 V&D Senior Mixed Fours – Hosted by West Point Grey
2nd Place – Dave Baldwin (left), Sharon Baldwin, Kathy Harms, Gary Harms
2022 V&D President’s Cup – Hosted by Granville Park
Trudy Gordon, Vicky Evans, Don Dancey, Lynn DeLaBarre
2022 V&D Men’s Fours – Hosted by White Rock
2022 V&D Senior Men’s Singles – Hosted by Maple Ridge
2022 Maple Ridge Women’s Aussie Pairs
First Place (L-R) – Kathy Harms, Patti Carlsen